Some dev notes:

This is supposed to represent a collection of current issues related to the development of AMS version 2.0.0 .
Sooner or later this might be driven by some kind of DB Backend, right now, i will just try and catch the key issues discussed on the ams lists and put them up here.

Please note that this side is under still under construction.
Right now i'm working on the layout of this page, rather than actualy creating content. And i'm sure no HTML guru, sorry :-)

For this site, i plan to introduce different labels for each issue, that indicate its nature:

indicates that the respective issue represents an idea by someone, about how something could be done, or about any new fancy things we could add to ams. It also indicates that the proposed idea describes something very roughly, i.e. without going too much into details of how and when this to be implemented.
Something concrete and more elaborated than an Idea. It indicates that the author wants to add or change something and thinks that he/she has very good reasons for it, which should be part of the proposal.
E.g. Feature requests, bug reports, etc will go into this categorie.
If it seems rather certain that a particular proposal or idea will find its way into ams, there can be different drafts that describe a way how this would fit into current state of developing, what steps would be neccesary, etc.
Anything that carries this label, describes something that will definitly apply to the final 2.0.0 release.

So, if you think something should be put up here, please write to one of the ams mailing lists. Or even better, you send me the text as an attachment (html preffered, saves me some work), and i will link it into the list below.

Date Issue Label
Fri Mar 7 01:01:32 CET 2003 Lukas reasoning about how the config system of ams2 should work Idea
Fri Mar 7 01:01:32 CET 2003 Fons suggests a server/client architecture for ams Idea
Sat Mar 8 23:47:47 CET 2003 Steve send a link to this screenshot of Nord Modular's UI some time ago. I (Lukas) think it is very interesting, as it shows many of the UI features, AMS should have.
Ermm... hello Clavia folks,... i hope it is ok to link this screenshot here:-) Otherwise, please contact me, and i will remove it at once.
Sat Mar 8 23:47:47 CET 2003 Lukas posted this image some time ago. It shows how a vco ui might look like. Also this is not a screenshot produced by any running code, it illustrates my (lukas) main idea, how module gui's are to be customized: you take a bg image and then position ui widgets for controls / ports on it. The round controls shown on the image are an actual screenshot of a set of controls i was coding at this time. None