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History of AlsaModularSynth and MCP/REV/VCO-Plugins

2003-12-17: AlsaModularSynth 1.7.1: New ALSA driver contributed by Fons Adriaensen. This driver offers multichannel-I/O and allows to run ams in 24 bit mode. New "Function" module allows arbitrary mappings of CVs. The ParameterView has now an edit line for preset names. Many small corrections and improvements. Example patches are split into "tutorial", "instruments" and "demos". Don't miss to try out "miniams.ams" in "instruments".
2003-12-11: Added VCO-Plugins by Fons Adriaensen. These plugins implement bandlimited VCOs. MCP/REV-Plugins have been updated as well.
2003-10-23: AlsaModularSynth 1.6.0: Significant improvement of keyboard control over the synth: New module "VC Envelope" with exponential decay/release. New module "Advanced MCV" provides CVs for aftertouch and arbitrary MIDI controller. New module "Converter" converts from logarithmic to linear CV. New patches "example_vcEnvelope.ams", "example_advmcv.ams", "organ*.ams".
2003-09-05: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.12b_pre01: Improved JACK support. There is now a fixed number of JACK ports created at start (--in, --out, default: 2 in, 2 out). These ports are always present and are not deleted when a patch is closed. JACK modules are automatically connected to these ports in ascending order. If there are more JACK modules in a patch than available JACK ports, new ports are automatically created.
2003-08-28: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.12: New "Parameter View" dialog. Here you can build your own GUI. Settings for the parameters in the "Parameter View" can be stored as presets and restored via MIDI program change. Added tutorial patches. Documentation updated.
MCP-Plugins updated: Mvclpf-4 "Output" parameter renamed to "Filter Poles". This parameter allows you to specify 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB/Octave.
REV-plugins: Another new LADSPA library by Fons Adriaensen. Implements a stereo reverb.
2003-07-30: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.11: GUI for Dynamic Waves Module has been improved. New examples for this module.
MCP-Plugins-1.2: Changed name of low pass filter. Mvclpf-4 is still experimental, so please use Mvclpf-1..Mvclpf-3.
2003-07-28: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.11_pre02: Added retrigger port for Dynamic Waves Module, Added trigger port for Scala MCV. Some retrigger examples. Some other minor changes.
2003-07-23: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.10: Several bugfixes. MIDI channel now global parameter in Control Center. Sound patch name is displayed in the window caption. Sorted module names alphabetically in menu. New sound patches for MCP plugins.
2003-06-05: MCP-Plugins-0.0.2: New LADSPA plugin Phaser + LFO by Fons Adriaensen. Initialization bug in phaser plugin fixed.
2003-05-22: New download section for patches. First patch: "living_phaser.ams". If you want to see any of your favourite patches here, please send them to
2003-05-21: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.9: MCV has now a Trigger Output which enables Multi-Triggering (Thanks to Fons Adriaensen for the patch). New module "Stereo Mixer". New example patches demonstrate the MCP-Plugins by Fons Adriaensen. Take the time to try these plugins. They add many new sounds to AlsaModularSynth and vastly improve it's sound quality.
2003-05-20: MCP-Plugins: More LADSPA plugins by Fons Adriaensen (Chorus, Phaser). Example patches are included. See download section below.
2003-04-25: VCF 1.1: First release of LADSPA plugin by Fons Adriaensen. The Filter is a digital implementation of the filter ladder invented by Robert A. Moog.
2003-04-01: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.8b: Fixed small bug regarding ratios in Scala modules. Now e.g. 2/1 and 2 give the same result.
2003-03-28: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.8: Support for Scala : New modules Scala MCV and Scala Quantizer. Download Scale Archive from . Use the SCALA_PATH environment variable to point to the location of the Scale files (default: /usr/share/scala).
2003-02-10: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.7: LADSPA module can now export control ports as external module ports. Some new example patches.
2003-01-27: AlsaModularSynth 1.5.6: Fixed serious bug in LFO module where a missing initialization caused random seqfaults and sometimes prevented the module from outputting any waveform. Splitted VCA into linear and exponential types. Some new example patches.
2003-01-03: Moved documentation and current tarball version to the Sourceforge page of AlsaModularSynth.
2002-12-16: Created CVS repository and project page on Sourceforge. Created mailinglists Alsamodular-devel and Alsamodular-user.

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